It was, no doubt, a bittersweet moment for Carson Wentz.

There he was, on the sidelines, watching his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, beat the Vikings 38-7 to earn a spot in the upcoming Super Bowl against New England.

Carson was sidelined with a torn ACL a few weeks ago, but is still involved with the team, attending practices (when not in rehab) and offering his fair share of input.

And however things play put over the next two weeks, Carson can hold his head high as on field or off, he contributed more than a little toward getting the Birds this far.

Still, it will likely be Nick Foles on the gridiron leading the Eagles as they take to the field against Brady and Co.

And give Mr. Foles credit where it's due: it's hard to remember an instance (other than say Jeff Hostetler with the 1990 Giants) of a backup QB leading his team to the Big Game.

But so it is. As formidable as the Pats may be, one would do well not to count out the Eagles - dog masks and all.


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