Radio and TV commentator Ed Schultz has died.

The Fargo Forum reports that he passed away this week at his home in Washington, DC of what a spokesperson called "natural causes."

He was 64.

Born in Virginia, Ed made waves as a quarterback at Minnesota State. Following graduation he got tryouts with two NFL teams (Oakland and the New York jets) but failed to make the cut.

He eventually settled in Fargo where he made a career as a sportscaster and commentator.

In the talk radio community Ed stood out as a maverick, a liberal in an industry dominated by Rush Limbaugh and conservative clones.

Ed eventually moved to the national stage, initially at MSNBC, later as an anchor at Moscow-sponsored RT America.

WDAY anchor Dane Mogck was Ed's protege and remembers him fondly. “I learned a lot from Ed. A lot of what to do, and some of what not to do,” he said. “There weren’t many dull days in the office when Ed was in charge.”

[Source: Fargo Forum]





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