A recent editorial in the Fargo Forum has a take on the political scene that more North Dakotans seems to find themselves supporting - regardless of their party affiliation.

The editorial, published Sunday (November 11) notes the recent Republican sweep in the statewide election and suggests the single-party domination in the state is not healthy.

"No political party, no matter how successful at the ballot box, has a monopoly on good ideas. Public policy benefits when it results from robust debate and clashing viewpoints are melded, incorporating the best ideas from competing sides. North Dakota Republicans simply don’t have to listen to their Democratic colleagues — and even diehard Republicans should realize that’s less than optimal for public policy and accountability."

Many agree. Even a lot of life-long Republicans are concerned about the way their party has run roughshod over the opposition in recent years (though it's hard to get a lot of them to admit it publicly).

It's the flip side of the situation in states like New York and California, where the Democrats dominate, and similar problems have ensued. Lack of competition is not good, in business or in politics.

In the meantime, a lot of Democrats in the state are taking stock - as well they should. An increasing number of Democrats - among them Josh Boschee, who lost the Secretary of State race to Al Jaegar - have suggested a "reorganization" is in order.

Stay tuned...

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