Local Recognition

North Dakota made national headlines today as Taylor Tonnies, an airman stationed at the Minot Air Force Base, appeared on the show today (May 6th 2022), for a special mother-daughter military segment.

A Missileer

Tonnies serves in the force as a "Missilieer." According to Airforce.com, Missileers are trained specialists, who deal with Intercontinental ballistic missile systems. Specifically, IRNM's and ICBM's.

Tip: IRCM stands for "Infrared Countermeasures." According to baesystems.com, these missles are a class of ASE's, otherwise know as "Aircraft Survivability Equipment."

According to The Today Show, this is the same role Tonnies' mother held during her service in the United States Air Force. She was also stationed in Minot.

A Big Responsibility

Being a missileer is no small thing. The Today Show's report explains that airmen with this position have to maintain a fleet of missiles and be ready to respond to orders given out by our nation's President.

As a way to prepare and ensure the systems are functioning properly, test-launches are done every so often.

A Coincidence, Or Fate?

This is the really cool part of her story! According to The Today Show, Tonnies mother, Linda, was given the great honor of turning the launch-key during one of these test launches. This is something her daughter would follow in her footsteps and do several decades later.

In The Today Show's interview, the mother-daughter duo explained they had no idea they both had been tapped to do this very special task. They also explained that getting chosen in itself is a very rare, and coveted duty.

North Dakota Proud

I'm sure after hearing this story, you share my excitement and North Dakota pride. What a cool local story coming out of Minot! Check out the segment below:




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