A North Dakota icon has passed. Medora's Lyle Glass, aka "Cowboy Lyle" has died.

The blog of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation made the announcement this week that Mr. Glass passed away at 67. Details of the passing were not given.

Lyle Glass was born in 1951. He arrived in North Dakota in 1973, from his hometown, Crookston, Minnesota.

Cowboy Lyle was known as the "ghost rider" in the Medora Musical, riding in the background on his horse, Chocolate. He was also known to ride through the town during the day, cutting a striking figure.

Mr. Glass cut back on his activities following a life-threatening aneurysm in 2011. Still, he was a prominent presence in historic Medora.

The blog writes that he was also a renowned wildlife photographer and expert on the horses that roam Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

"Lyle will be missed," write the Medora blog. "We’ll remember him for his warm spirit, gentle ways, 45 years of service to the visitors of the Badlands and his unyielding love for Medora."





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