Autumn Erhard now has enough money to buy more than just vowels.

On Thursday night's episode of 'Wheel of Fortune,' the California woman became the second person in history to win the show's $1 million prize.

True to the long-running program's name, Erhard had extremely good fortune to hit the jackpot. First, she landed on the $1 million wedge during the game and then again when she spun the wheel before the bonus round. In between, she had to beat out her two competitors and avoid the dreaded "bankrupt" space.

In the final round, Erhard, who won more than $30,000 before even reaching the bonus round, only got three letters, but somehow pulled the rabbit out of her hat to correctly solve the puzzle, at which point host Pat Sajak revealed her huge win.

Erhard, who said afterwards, "I am in complete and utter shock," was also on the show during its 30th anniversary week, in which contestants had to have the number 30 in their lives. Her connection? She's 30 years old.

Erhard is also getting married, which now begs the question -- what do you get the woman who really seems to have everything?

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