A passer-by in downtown Fargo, who also happened to be a licensed gun owner, used his powers for good on Dec. 29 by using the weapon to stop a robbery in progress.

The man, who remains unnamed, was going about his business early Monday afternoon when he happened upon four people who had ganged up on a 36-year-old man and were in the process of robbing him.

The victim had been lured behind a building by one of his assailants, who knew him, and knocked unconscious. The robbers were about to make off with his wallet when they were spotted by the passer-by, who quickly convinced them to cease by showing them his gun.

When police arrived at the scene, they arrested Michael Guy, 33, Spencer St. Claire, 19, Flora Eaglechasing, 42, and Linda Miller, 37. All four were jailed for the robbery, among other offences, including outstanding warrants and an FTA (failure to appear in court) on a previous charge.

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