When the clock struck 12:01 AM on August 4th...

Traditions Took Over In Small Town USA! In the great state of North Dakota football players have hit the field, beat the heat, and kicked off the football season!


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Tigger & BEC

Back to school may be just a few weeks away, but what are folks most excited about...

Chilly evenings, fans in the stands, and cheering their hometown teams under the Friday Night Lights!

Friday Night Lights

Time of year when traditions are kept and rivals meet!

It's been said that some things are a must to keep small towns alive...

A post office, a hometown cafe, and a local grocery store...

But what pulls a town "Together"... The sounds of fall! The proud discussions around the morning coffee at that cafe telling stories of the past and now watching the next generation carry the torch. Some joke that football and past championships have some folks "living in the past"...



Instead how about that it brings a community together. Neighbors become neighbors.

Because of these hometown activities, and traditions; daily struggles are wiped away for a brief moment. All the fans in the stands, cheer and become one!

These are the moments that bring Small Town USA back to life,

Make those of yesteryear be reminded that not all lost is forgotten.

We here too in the Dakotas love our football. Love watching our youth represent.

AND still, after all these years, enjoy watching a good old rivalry hit the turf!

So Go Get 'Em This Fall!! We'll be in the stands cheering!

North Dakota's Most Venomous Killer Is Out

They Will Strike First!

Tart Cherry Trees Do Exist In North Dakota!

Ready, Set... GO!!!

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