I am going home to celebrate the three-day holiday weekend. My family's place is a little drive from Bismarck, so I will definitely need a full tank of gas before road-tripping. I am glad I decided against getting gas before work today - because the price just dropped 10-cents!

I was surprised to see the price of gas at Cenex across the street. This may be the first time in my entire life that I didn't fill up BEFORE gas prices dropped or AFTER prices were raised. Seriously, I have the worst luck when it comes to ever-changing gas prices. It looks like gas is back at $1.99 here in Bismarck-Mandan!

According to the website, fastcompany.com, the price of gas is the lowest it's been since 2004. The website says that the average price of gas in the United Stats is $2.19. So, North Dakota is 20-cents cheaper than the national average! Not bad. But why did gas drop right before a holiday?

Fastcompany.com says it's because of the pandemic has made people leery of travelling for the upcoming long holiday weekend - who would have thought? Unlike North Dakota, other states have fairly strict regulations in place because of the pandemic. Some states, like New York, require visitors from "COVID-19 hot spot" states to quarantine when they get to their destination. Schools are also requesting that students do not go home for Labor Day Weekend (even in North Dakota) AND some people are staying home because they are concerned about other people's social distancing habits.

Are you travelling for Labor Day weekend 2020?

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