The price of gasoline has dropped in the region, and indications are it may dip even lower in the fall.

The GasBuddy website (via Yahoo! Finance) says the price of gas should go below two dollars a gallon in many areas.

“Consumers, perhaps at 10,000 stations and maybe even more by Thanksgiving, should have access to sub-$2/gallon prices —mostly in the South,” says GasBuddy head of petroleum analysis Patrick DeHaan.

While gas prices as a rule tend to peak in the summer, market reaction to world events is also a factor.

With the ongoing trade war with China and other countries (the recent warming in rhetoric notwithstanding), consumer confidence is down, hurting the demand for gasoline.

“Motorists are very reactive to gas prices,” Mr. DeHaan says. “As gas prices fade into autumn, that’s good news for fast-casual restaurants, the Chipotle’s and McDonald’s of the world, when motorists have a little more cash in their wallet.”

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