A ten-year old Minnesota girl is recuperating after being struck in the face by a lawn mower blade.

The Fargo Forum says Skyler Hedstrom was watching her dad mow the law last month at their home in Hoffman, Minnesota, when the mower struck a tool left on the lawn.

The detached blade flew toward the girl, striking her face and leaving a four-inch scar on her forehead.

Skyler said she was not initially aware of the extent of her injury. Her mother, however, saw it immediately. "

"My wife came running up to me, waving her arms and screaming, pointing to her," Mr. Hedstrom said. "I jumped off, turned around and she was standing there, covered in blood. It was the scariest thing I've seen in my whole life."

Skylar's father says she remained calm as they rode the ambulance to Sanford Medical Center in Fargo.

The girl seems to taken it all in stride. Her family says she's doesn't seem too concerned about the possibility of a lifelong scar. Her father, meanwhile, has some words of caution: "Be the person who checks the tall grass...be the person who picks up sticks. Be that person. Be safe."

[Source: Fargo Forum]


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