Anyone living in North Dakota has undoubtedly heard of self-proclaimed white supremacist Craig Cobb's attempted takeover of the small town of Leith, ND. Now, the girlfriend of one of Cobb's associates says the movement is done.

After losing support in the White Separatist community, Deborah Henderson says Cobb's attempt at building a white enclave in the small ND town is all but over:

He’s (Cobb) is done at Leith because of everything’s that happened. The Leith movement is done. I wish people would get over it, there is no more white enclave.

Henderson said that Craig Cobb's associates have picked up personal papers and belongings and taken them to Louisiana, where she believes the notorious leader will end up.

Henderson is currently mired in legal issues of her own, asking a judge to permanently restrain a website developer from posting information about her or pictures, saying it compromises her own safety, as well as the safety of her three children.

Deborah Henderson's boyfriend, white separatist Kynan Dutton, and Cobb are currently in jail on seven charges of terrorizing Leith residents. Sixty-two-year-old Cobb and 29-year-old Dutton are accused of intimidating people in Leith with guns in November. They said they were patrolling the town because of violence and harassment directed at them.

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