The president himself may have backpedaled - a little - regarding his remarks about certain freshman congresswomen a few days ago, but the uproar continues regarding Donald Trump's allegedly racist comments.This week Mr. Trump did dial back somewhat on the "send her home" chants heard at a presidential rally in the South, saying he "didn't agree" but the chants seem to have done their damage.

Among the latest developments: ABC News reports faith leaders from the home district of Rep. Ilhan Omar, are themselves rallying in support of the young congresswoman.

Rabbi Avi Olitzky of Beth El Synagogue in Minneapolis called the chants at the president’s rally Wednesday in North Carolina, “terrifying."

In an interview with ABC, the rabbi called on all politicians to stop using the Jewish community as "a political football."

Some Republicans, such as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, have condemned the president's remarks (some in harsher terms than others), while others continue to dig in, as does former Trump critic Sen. Lindsay Graham: "What this is about to me is that these four congresswomen, in their own way, have been incredibly provocative." 

Among the strongest reactions is that of libertarian-leaning Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan who has left the G.O.P. and may be considering an independent run for the White House. Mind you no one expect him to win, but he could make a difference by splitting the Republican vote. Stay tuned...

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