The Grand Forks City Council will meet again tonight to continue discussing a proposed ordinance that would limit the type of drink specials an establishment could offer inside city limits. 

The extreme drink specials ordinance would make it illegal for an establishment to offer 3-for-1 drinks, unlimited drinking for a fixed price or no cost, and would also not allow for contests where alcohol consumption is the main focus.

The new proposal comes after a 2 year study conducted by the Community and Campus Committee on High Risk and Underage Alcohol, a joint venture between the city and the University of North Dakota.

According to Rudie Martinson, executive director of the North Dakota Hospitality Association, no major North Dakota city regulates alcohol sales through types of drink specials.

There are some questions about what the new ordinance would cover. Council member Jeannie Mock is concerned this could prevent some charity functions from happening if they offer an open bar, as that could constitute an unlimited drinks for a fixed price situation.

The council will be hearing more input, and offering more suggestions on the wording of the ordinance tonight, but can not pass this new ordinance yet. More readings at future council meetings are required before passage.

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