GoBankingRates.com recently released the highest paying job in every state and it seems if you want to make the most money in your state, get into the medical field.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

GBR took data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in every state in the country and the medical field is at the top of the food chain in every state in terms of annual salary. Another fact to take into consideration is the cost of living in each state. The difference is huge as a large four bedroom home in the South can cost as much as $125,000 and the same house can be two or three times that cost in North Dakota. Plus rental prices are much more in North Dakota in comparison to other regions of the country.

The highest paying job is North Dakota is an Anesthesiologist, where the average yearly salary is $285,290. GBR considers the cost of living in North Dakota as average.

The same position in Ohio, has a yearly salary of 273,150 and in South Dakota, $283,980.

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