Canada, that's a big 10-4 good buddy. United States' got your backdoor!

All signs point to the U.S. forming their own cross-country protest convoy planning to hit the highways very soon.  The movement started in mid-January when the Canadian government mandated that all truckers entering the country be vaccinated. That didn't go over well at all with the trucking community, but it quickly grew much larger than simply semi-trucks showing off signs.

A January rally in remote Portal North Dakota was a small slice of things to come.

KX News spoke with the organizer of that event the mayor of Canadian border town Roche.

“It’s their livelihood, they’re only feeding their families, they feel this is not right for them to do something that is not right because they’re not dealing with the general public on a regular basis,” Percee Jay Riedel said.

I for one figured this was destined to be no more than a protest drowned out by the vastness of the prairie. Well, I figured way wrong on where this was going. It went all the way to the Ottawa and the convoy continues to cripple not only the capital but numerous crossings all down the border.

Truckers Protest Vaccine Mandates In Cities Across Canada
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YIPES!  Seems the Canadian population isn't quite as easy to push around as one might have suspected. The so-called "Freedom Convoy" started in January in Western Canada and by the time it came to claim the capital, vaccination wasn't the only thing on these protestors' minds. While the demonstrators in the city were taking shots at the Canadian government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reminded the masses that many of the mandated are on a "provincial level". Meaning that individual providences make up most of the mandates. So what say you to that Alberta?

The Canadian province of Alberta announced on Tuesday that some of its Covid restrictions - including its controversial vaccine passport - would be lifted from midnight.

Masking requirements for school students will also end from Monday, and children under 12 will be exempt from all mask mandates.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney denied the move was a response to the trucker protests.

It's like denying Canadians love vinegar chips.  I'm not buying it.   As protest patience begins to wear thin in Ottawa, support for a similar convoy protest begins to grow in the United States.

A nationwide US convoy protest appears to have a March 4th start date.

Reports have it beginning in Indio, California with everyone's GPS set for Washington DC.

Organizers have dubbed their movement "the People's Convoy" and say they are working with two groups — Freedom Fighter Nation and Restore Liberty — whose founders are closely tied to right wing politics, based on POLITICO's review of social media and online records.

So North Dakota, you ready for a road trip?

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