T'is the season ...

Today is Ugly Christmas sweater day and to celebrate, we would like to explore the history of the celebration.

Cliff Huxtable ( Bill Cosby ) started wearing the sweaters in the 80's during the Cosby show Christmas specials and that translated to conductors wearing them during holiday Christmas symphonies.

The trend did get traction in Canada where Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch in Vancouver hosted the first Ugly Sweater Party in the early 2000s. From that event, the idea went viral, first hitting all of Canada then the Globe.

By 2007 these became celebrations and the usage of social media blew this thing up. It got so big that retailers now manufacture ugly sweaters for the simple fact that demand overshot supply.

I'm a purest though, so to me, the Ugly sweater has to be purchased at a thrift store or be a hand me down for it to be official.

You don't have to go by my standards though  just have a happy Ugly sweater Day!

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