As pure and simple as this - "Raising Money For Foster Care"

I had a chance to talk with two charming young ladies yesterday in my 96.5 The Walleye studio - Amber Bohl and Chelsea Flory stopped by our Townsquare Media studios here in Mandan to be guests of "Talk Of The Town" with host Steve Bakken on our sister station Super Talk 1270 AM. Both ladies do incredible work for Haven Hills Foster Care in Bismarck, they have an event tomorrow that needs your attention :)

First, let me share with you some facts:

In North Dakota, there are approximately 1,500 children in foster care on any given day. In Burleigh County, there is an average of 200 children in foster care and only about 88 licensed foster families. Shockingly, for every ten homes that are recruited and licensed for foster care in North Dakota, nine are lost or discontinued. One of their goals is to close the gap by establishing an all-inclusive neighborhood built on 80 acres of land, 10 miles north of Bismarck.

Tomorrow ( July 12th ) is an opportunity to enjoy some good music and maybe dunk someone here and there :)

Haven Hills - 14065 34th St NW Bismarck is the address - Gates open at 5 pm - FREE to attend -Food Trucks and Games will be available, PLUS Music performed by BRAVEHEART  - Make yourself comfortable, bring a lawn chair or a blanket OR BOTH - THE most important thing is to get ready to DUNK some awesome folks -The Bismarck Mayor, KFYR TV Chief Meteorologist, and BCHSZ Director Chelsea Flory. Then sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some fireworks around 9:30.

I'm so impressed by Amber and Chelsea...

...and their huge hearts. I asked Amber what she is looking forward to the most, about tomorrow " I want everyone to have a wonderful time and that WE all raise money for foster care"...I KNOW that Chelsea wants the same ( she'll probably bring a towel or two with her )    For more info on this event you can visit


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