I remember as a kid getting up in the morning and driving over to our local farmers market. I'd stop at every booth and ask my grandma to buy me literally everything that struck my fancy.

Pies, rugs, blankets, handmade candles, baked goods, produce, baskets, purses, clothes, and everything you could possibly think of -- there's a little bit of everything at farmer's markets.

I love going to these at least once a season. It's not quite as thrilling as going to yard sales, because I love a good hunt and surprise, but it's still a very relaxing, family-friendly activity.

Summer Outings

It's that time of year again where the produce is plentiful, and farmers markets take place every weekend. I always like to drop by BisMarket in the Kiwanis park. They have music, and outdoor community yoga Saturday mornings.

The Things You Shouldn't Do:

It has recently come to my attention, that there are a few things we're doing wrong at farmer's markets. Here's 8 things you need to stop doing when you go.

8 Things North Dakotans Shouldn't Do At Farmer's Markets

Try to avoid doing these things next time you go.

That's it! - That's all I've got for Farmer's Market good form. It's Friday, so I know many of us will be hitting the local farmers markets tomorrow morning; try to keep these in mind when you go and have a good time.

Local Farmer's Markets:

If you're wondering where some of our farmer's markets take place in Bismarck, here you go: BisMarket at Kiwanis Park happens Saturday mornings, the Capital Farmer's Market is on Airport Rd at Tatley-Eagles Park.


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