The heavy rain of Monday night/Tuesday morning gummed up the works a bit for the Tuesday morning commute.

The Bismarck Tribune reported flooding in some areas, most notably the underpasses near the BNSF tracks in mid-Bismarck. Police closed the underpass at Seventh and Ninth Streets.

Towing services were busy (and the wait for a wrecker was long) as cars stalled in the water around the city.

In response to the recent heavy rains, the Tavis Flood Control Structure's pumps automatically started after midnight and continued to function through the morning.

The National Weather Service says downpours like the ones we've seen recently can be dangerous. It takes only twelve inches of rushing water to carry a car, while two feet of moving water can carry a larger vehicle.

The NWS warns it is never safe to drive or walk into flood waters.

Don't take chances: do what you can to avoid sitting water on the highways.

[Sources: Bismarck Tribune, National Weather Service]


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