Let's Talk About LOVE...

Relationships are ALWAYS PERFECT in our minds,

BUT in the real world... TRUE LOVE

Requires TWO things... PATIENCE and Inner Strength!

We are sold thoughts of bliss, loving acts and cherished moments...

How about once the newness wears off... and those little things that at one point you could overlook... maybe even thought once cute, come to a SLAMMING HALT???

Here to let you know... IT HAPPENS TO EVERY COUPLE.

Sorry to be THAT bearer of bad news... but sometimes Truth Hurts!

What Drives Your Partner Crazy?!?

We riding right alongside you, there are things we love and respect about one another...
Yet things we wish we could change!

So all those this list may seem somewhat of common sense... and the closer BEC looks at it is even wondering... HEY WAIT??? Is this really everyone's or is it Tigger's chance to rant... We can agree that there are things that just cause the Honeymoon to be over... sooner than necessary!

Keep the faith, Keep the fire.

It may sound crazy but over time, LOVE CAN WIN! We all have our moments in relationships... and if you say that You've Never Been Annoyed!  We Call!

These hurdles, and challenges are what can ruin the spice or become the parts of one another that you learn... could be what made that person just right for you! As Tigger may or may not have realized, by BEC being late... He had to take on other roles in life that were adding to just too many "irons in the fire" and BEC knowing this is an extremely big pet peeve of Tigger's... She had to learn to start carrying more than one planner!  Love is how you look at it, and who you chose to live with... or without!

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