According to the North Dakota National Guard's Facebook page, 50 guardsmen were welcomed home over the weekend Saturday, (June 18th - 19th).

The soldiers flew into several airports across the state, some in Bismarck, and others in Minot, Fargo, and Grand Forks.

A Happy Homecoming

While we're all at home, living our day-to-day lives, these soldiers were far away from their families, serving their country.

It was quite the homecoming, as friends and family members gathered to greet them upon return. Children were seeing their moms and dads, husbands were hugging their wives -- it was a tear-jerking moment.

Signs, hugs, and handshakes, but the best part? These guardsmen made it home right before Father's Day. Perfect timing, if you ask me.

And if you missed it, here's the North Dakota National Guard's Facebook post:

The Deployment

According to the source, the soldiers were part of the 835th Engineer Utilities Detachment. That unit had been deployed to the U.S. Central Command area to work on various construction projects.

U.S. Central Command, is otherwise referred to as US CENTCOM. CENTCOM is one of eleven AOR's (Area of operation) located in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Don't Forget

While these soldiers have now returned, let's not forget, they are always ready to answer the call.

The Fourth of July is coming up and while we all have barbeques and firework shows to look forward to, don't forget to take some time to remember what it's all about. Make sure you thank our soldiers and veterans and show a little patriotism where you can.

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