Hormel has issued a recall on two of its products.

KXMB reports the Minnesota company is recalling over two hundred thousand pounds of canned pork and chicken products that may have shards of metal mixed in with the food.

Hormel says the products are packed as "Spam Classic" and "Hormel Black Label Luncheon Loaf."

The Spam product was distributed nationally, while the luncheon loaf was sent primarily to Guam.

KXMB says if you have any 12oz. cans of SPAM Classic dated : "Best if used by February 2021" and production codes: F020881, F020882, F020883, F020884, F020885, F020886, F020887, F020888 and F020889, you should return these products to your grocer.

The Luncheon Loaf is also in 12oz. cans dated "Best if used by February 2021" with production codes F02098 and F02108. Hormel says these cans were shipped to Guam only.

The full recall statement from Hormel and the Department of Agriculture is available here.



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