Seasons come and seasons go. But in order to truly appreciate where you are in life, first embrace your surroundings. Regardless if you have lived in an area for what seems like forever, there are always new ways to see the same thing differently. Over the course of the last several months of cold weather, many have griped. Said such things as "I want summer" or "it's so boring here". Looking at the pocketbook and with inflation seeming to never end, keep your focus on the backyard. The backyard of North Dakota that is. So how does one travel North Dakota to capture the beauty? By keeping your eyes WIDE OPEN, and focus that handheld mobile device on the moment.

Over the course of the last few weeks, Travel North Dakota, the Facebook page run by the North Dakota Tourism Department has been shedding light on how to do just that. Enjoy North Dakota for what it is, the time of year it is, and with those you cherish spending quality time. With that in mind, they are encouraging you to keep those dollars in your pocket and turn the vehicle in the direction of a closer destination - meaning one right here in the 701. NoDak has an unbelievable canvas for photos and using our cellphone / mobile devices, there is no extra money to be spent either.

Wildlife Photography

Challenge yourself to "Hunt" with your camera. A Thrill that cannot be explained.

Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Photography

NoDak is considered by many as one of the BEST states to view Northern Lights.

Unpopulated Hiking Trails

There is an abundance of hidden gems across the state. Backcountry to the easier trails that fill the need for freedom away from the city lights.

Off The Beaten Path

Just remember one thing for sure, if you Travel North Dakota, wide open spaces await.

Be sure to share your views and captured moments. #BeNDLegendary

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