The pivotal years of growing up are when you are young, and trying to build confidence in yourself, and that's not easy at any age. The formula of personal gain is often halted when you are self-conscious, and that comes into play when you are hiding a smile. That's exactly what 15-year-old Skylar Rogalla from Bismarck was going through. According to KXNETshe suffered through many awkward moments  “When I didn’t have braces I used to smile with my mouth closed because I was so self-conscious about it.”  The reality is that the answer to her lack of an open smile isn't cheap. Fortunately, Skylar's aunt reached out for help.

Through a program called 'Hunter's Smile', the teen was one of five people chosen so far to get FREE braces - all thanks to the spirit and memory of Hunter Seifert. Back in 2010-2011 Orthodontist, Dustin Hollevoet had a patient, a "normal everyday athletic cool kid… healthy as could be"  Cancer set in and eventually took his life.

 “He proved to be a far stronger human than I am than basically anyone that I’ve met… Hollevoet became inspired to remember the young man's life, his smile, courage, to give new life to someone who can now go out and shine and not be afraid to be themself. You can imagine the relief when Skylar's mom Patty found out about the enormous financial burden that was lifted “I immediately freaked out. I broke down. I don’t even have words it was so great.” 

What a wonderful story about an Orthodontist that genuinely cares for people and for the memory of a young man whose warm smile is never forgotten.

For more information on 'Hunter's Smile' and how you can nominate someone click here.


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