When people look back at the year 2020, they'll remember COVID-19 and probably call it "The Year Of The Mask". So much controversy of WHEN, and WHERE to don your mask, or is it even necessary? Does this facial gear help towards fighting off the virus? Well the CDC says "That people who wear masks can prevent the spread of the virus and lead to the country gaining control of the pandemic".

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has his own opinion - Kirk feels that wearing one is, of course, respectful towards others, however during an interview with NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt on Spotify's "10 Questions" podcast, he pointed out that he doesn't believe in the effectiveness of wearing masks and that he is content with the idea of contracting COVID-19. Kirk made it very clear that if he gets the dreaded virus, he'll try to just "Ride it out", if he survives great, "If I die, I die". 

I understand his attitude, I do, but also he needs to be aware that he is a sports figure, someone that is in the limelight - a role model for whomever. I think his lackadaisical approach is not the way to go about it. The NFL, by the way, is making it very clear how serious they are with the COVID-19, setting up strict protocols including wearing masks for all teams to follow. An encouraging stat so far, for this past week out of 8,739 tested positive and just four negative. For more on this interview click here.


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