Saturday night is New Year's Eve and everyone knows that a ball drops in Times Square in NY. But there are many other 'dropped objects' throughout the US.

It's actually quite surprising to see how many items are 'dropped' on New Year's Eve throughout the country and there is an extensive list of those objects provided on Wikipedia.

Some of the 'drops' on the list no longer occur or were just one time occurrences. But many of the traditions have been carried on for a long time and continue to this day.

For example, in Atlanta, Georgia, a state nicknamed 'The Peach State,' a peach is dropped each year.

In Indianapolis, Indiana they recently began the tradition of dropping and Indycar on New Year's Eve!

In Memphis Tennessee, they do a guitar drop to ring in the new year.

Of course Boise, Idaho has a potato drop.

The list goes on and on and the list also includes various cities simply dropping their own version of a ball that has no specific relation to its home city or state.

In North Dakota, there are no public drops of items that we are aware of. So it begs the question: If North Dakota were to drop some kind of object on New Year's Eve, what would it be?

What would various cities across the state choose to drop? Maybe in Fargo they can drop a football in honor of NDSU's powerhouse football team. In Grand Forks they can drop a puck.

Jamestown can drop a smaller version of a  bison statue. New Salem can drop a cow. An oil drum in Williston?

In Bismarck, being the state's capitol, I say they drop a gigantic kuchen. Who in North Dakota doesn't love kuchen?

Let us know your suggestions in the comments below, on Facebook or weigh in on Reddit.

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