We all knew since the weather was getting warmer, a couple of 90 + days about a weekend ago, that it's almost here!

However, the true feel of summer is of course the 4th of July weekend. It felt like forever to get here just a couple of months ago, and yet you blink an eye here and there, and now finally it's THIS weekend. So the big day rolls around and off you go spending a boat load of money on fireworks that will go off in seconds, but isn't that what life is all about?

We are lucky we live in a perfect area to blow off fireworks

Of course, you can see the professionals set off a tremendous sky show at Bismarck Lark's games every Friday during the season at Municipal Ballpark, but there are so many cool places to go just outside of town to have a BLAST ( pun intended ).

As usual, there are places that are obviously not intended for a fireworks extravaganza

This is a common problem for some people, they lose track of where they are, and they start hearing fireworks kicking off in the nearby skies, and they are anxious to begin their fun! Caution and good old level-headed thinking are to be observed.

In BisMan - 5 Places NOT A Good Idea To Set Off Firworks

Just Some Friendly Advice

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