A co-worker and I were just talking about this last week, the current wave of local businesses that have shut their doors for good

I personally have never seen so many places close permanently due to a lack of employees - it's staggering to me that so many people seem to be in no hurry to be employed. I hate to say that old expression "Back in my day...", BUT I remember not terribly too long ago when you couldn't find a job, no place was hiring. Now though, the sad trend seems to be hearing about and discovering for yourself on social media about yet another business in Bismarck and Mandan struggling to remain open with a major shortage of staff.

Here in Mandan, the Classic Rock Coffee Co refuses to follow suit

I love this, there is a popular coffee shop right down the street from us that is strategically going about it in a smart way, they just recently posted on their Facebook page a brief message to their faithful customers:

"Due to a shortage of staff, we have decided to remain closed thru September 18th, 2022. This will allow us to hire and train staff while we complete some light remodeling, add equipment, change/ update our menu, install our new POS and online ordering system, and more.
Thank you to our loyal customers, we appreciate your understanding"

 To be 100% positive and honest with your customers says a lot about a business and Classic Rock Coffee Co is prepared to do whatever it takes to remain open and take care of all of us java junkies!

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