This is a developing story, but what we know now is there was an incident on Main Street at 4th Ave. in Bismarck just before midnight Saturday night into Sunday morning.


The area was blocked off for three blocks, as two pick up trucks collided and one truck flipped, the other had major damage.

Witnesses at the scene said there was a high speed police chase, and the fleeing vehicle collided with another truck. There was also unconfirmed reports from witnesses on the scene of a manhunt in the area for the suspects that fled from the truck. One witness told us police were chasing two men.

The parking garage was blocked off, and for a while, several blocks of downtown Bismarck was blocked for what appeared to be a manhunt.

Once we receive official word for authorities, we will update this story.

Once scene was the Burleigh County Sheriff's, Bismarck Police, North Dakota Highway Patrol and Bismarck Fire Department.

The area was not cleared until just after 3 a.m. Sunday morning as police investigated.

Once we receive official information from the authorities, we will update this story.


UPDATE- Sunday, 4/16/17  4:07 p.m.- According to KFYR-TV, the chase started in Mandan on Memorial Highway when officers ran the plate on the truck and the plates did not match the vehicle and the person who was registered under those plates was wanted on several warrants. When police tried to make the stop, the truck fled.

Once the truck flipped on Main Street in Bismarck, the passenger was arrested, the driver ran off and was still at large at of press time.




Police say the driver of the vehicle fled the scene, and the passenger is in custody.