Clamato in beer is definitely a Midwest thing, and there are things you should and shouldn't do.

Have you ever ordered a beer with clamato in a state outside of the Midwest? There's normally a lot of confusion. So, we thought we would clear that up with the 10 Commandments of Beer with Clamato.

  • I

    Thou Shalt Be Mindful Of Beer Selection

    Go with a light beer or something without a ton of flavor. Leave that to the Clamato.

  • II

    Thou Shalt Not Use Pickle Slices

    Pickle slices are for your hamburger. A proper beer and Clamato needs a spear.

  • III

    Thou Shalt Not Create An Inappropriate Body Part With The Pickle And Olives

    Just kidding. How can you not?

  • IV

    Thou Shalt Accept Spicy Clamato Whenever It Is Available

    Spicy Clamato > Regular Clamato. Always.

  • V

    Thou Shalt Hold Back Anger When People From Out-Of-State Call It 'Disgusting'

    It's not their fault. They just don't get it.

  • VI

    Thou Shalt Salt Napkin So The Beer Glass Does Not Stick

    This goes for pretty much any beverage. You look silly with that napkin dangling from your glass.

  • VII

    Thou Shalt Not Judge When Beer With Clamato Is Consumed Before Noon

    Is there really a better time? It's basically breakfast.

  • VIII

    Thou Shalt Not Have Clamato During St. Patrick's Day

    This is the ONLY time you should avoid Clamato. Have you ever mixed it with your green beer? It's pretty much a swamp in your glass.

  • IX

    Thou Shalt Not Refer To It As Cla-MAE-Toe


    You REALLY don't want to pronounce it like this guy.

  • X

    Thou Shalt Spread The Word Of Delicious Clamato To All States

    Pack a couple of those miniature cans with you while on vacation. Spread the love, people.

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