This is my favorite time of year, by far, and there is one reason why

One day out of 365 days a year will always bring back a million memories for me, and actually so many others. Just last Monday was the 127th running of the Boston Marathon. I was fortunate to have experienced this thrill 3 times in my life, and it's considered THE most famous marathon in the world, and a woman from Elk River, Minnesota, Emma Bates was in the field of 30,000 runners ( more than the population where this talented lady lives ) toed the starting line on a wet, rainy morning.

The traditions are many in this classic marathon

This race is like no other, for one thing, you have to qualify just to be able to participate in it - every age group has a time you must run under in a sanctioned marathon in order to have the honor to run at Boston. Sadly this year was the 10th anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing that killed 3 people. Boston is always run on Patriots Day, which is a holiday for many out there - part of the rich tradition is that the whole town seems to embrace each and every runner - the spectators literally pump you up and fuel your body with extra endorphins when you need it the most. This 26.2-mile event brings out the world's best runners and in the women's race, Emma was about to run the race of her life.

Her first time running the hills of Boston

Rainy damp weather lashed out at the field, with headwinds slowing down most, but not this determined Elk River marathoner. According to  "She finished in two hours, 22 minutes, 10 seconds, the second-fastest Boston Marathon ever by an American woman. She lowered her personal record by more than a minute, and her time met the qualifying standard for next year's Paris Olympics"


Get this, her time was JUST 8 seconds slower than the Boston Marathon Woman record set back in 2014. Keep your eye on this athlete in the next Olympics.

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