Are you experiencing troubles with your internet today?

I always watch TV when I am doing my makeup in the morning. I was up extra early today, doing my makeup and watching The Big Bang Theory when the show froze and the loading dots popped up. That was at like 5:00 AM and my show never came back on before I left for work.

I was not surprised, as it is not atypical for me to experience some internet issues at home in the morning. But when I got to work, I was also experiencing internet issues. For about five hours now, I have been fighting for my pages to load so I can get my work done! I thought maybe I was just the one having issues today, but there is actually is a bit of an internet dilemma going on in the Bismarck-Mandan area.

It seems like individuals and businesses alike are having difficulty accessing the internet today.

Soon after experiencing my own personal internet connection problems, I noticed others were also having issues. Someone posted a question on Bismarck's People Reporting News, asking others if they were having internet troubles. And then, when I ran across the road to the gas station for my daily "coffee hour," the gas station employees we talking of their internet woes as well. Like, what is happening today???

What is going on with the internet in Bismarck-Mandan today?

I tried to call Midco to see if they knew what the issue was, but I did not get as far as talking to an agent before I heard an automated message. The message stated that Midco is aware of the problem and that work is being done to get our internet up and running as fast as possible. Hopefully, the issue can be resolved before it gets too late in the workday!

Are you experiencing internet problems today?

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