Looks like Andy "Failure Face" Fales, has failed once again. The NDSU Bison beat the Iowa Hawkeyes Saturday afternoon, 23 - 21.

If you'll recall, back in 2014, Fales used his 'What's Bugging Andy?' segment to take a few shots at the state of North Dakota prior to North Dakota State's battle with Iowa State in Ames.

Despite his best efforts, Fales failed, pun intended, to throw the Bison off their game and they defeated the Cyclones 34-14, much to the enjoyment of North Dakotans everywhere.

Fales returned in 2015 to throw a few jabs at North Dakotans and Bison fans, stating that only we are 'real impressed' by the team's run of FCS championships.

So, it should come as no surprise that Fales is back mouthing off about everything North Dakota as the Bison head to Iowa City to take on Iowa this Saturday, September 17th.

Fales starts his most recent edition of 'What's Bugging Andy?' begins with what he calls 'a joke:' North Dakota.

From there, Fales rolls through his usual cavalcade of North Dakota put-downs, including mentioning that playing Iowa will be the closest NDSU ever comes to playing in a bowl games and that Iowans might steal the women of North Dakota, if they remember to shave their mustaches first.

You can see all of Fales' North Dakota slam-fest in all of its three-minute glory below, thanks to InForum:

[H/T InForum]