Kirk Cousins is now a staggering 0-9 on Monday Night Football games.  His record in prime-time games is not a lot better.  You can count on one hand how many signature wins Kirk has had against better teams as a Viking as well.  Yes, Cousins was bad last night against Green Bay, but I don't pin that loss on him.

Can somebody tell what happened to the Minnesota Vikings offense line?  Because I'm pretty sure that was one of those most pathetic performances I've ever seen from a professional o-line.  They would've been better off with the Bismarck Century offensive line last night.  Cousins was literally running for his life most of the night.  And, when something finally does go right in the second half, (touchdown pass) it's called back because of a holding penalty.

Cousins was obviously upset in the press conference as he faced questions from the media including our very own Frank Gallo from 965 The Fox.


The Vikings will now finish out the season at home against Chicago and with injuries piling up, and no chance to finish higher than the 6th seed in the playoffs...It's safe to say you will not see a lot of Vikings regulars season in the finale.

The Vikings couldn't even pull off a wide open pass to Kirk Cousins from Stefon Diggs.  Here' what Diggs had to say about the play.

Yep, that whole game was a BIG lump of coal for Vikings fans.

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