Don't forget to keep an eye on your clocks, because come this Saturday, November 2, Daylight Saving Time is officially over. Unlike its Spring counterpart, where we lose an hour of precious sleep, people all over the country will enjoy an extra 60 minutes of slumber (or bar time) at 2:00am, when clocks fall back to standard time.

The concept of Daylight Saving Time was originally proposed by Benjamin Franklin back in 1784 in order to make better use of daylight, but wasn't widely adopted in the United States until 1918.

Of course, here in North Dakota, that also means our days are getting shorter - much shorter. The sun rises later and sets earlier each day throughout the winter months. On average, we lose about four minutes of sunlight each day, the earliest sunset usually coming just before 5pm in the middle of December.

[SOURCE: ND Game & Fish]

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