Just in case you missed the big news, Ed Sheeran is going to be performing near North Dakota very soon. Yep, we are getting "Closer" to dancing with our "Eyes Closed."

Ed Sheeran's Tour

Ed Sheeran kicked off his Mathematics tour some time ago, and he's been taking it all over the country. Of course, he's playing songs/promoting his latest album, "Subtract." That said, I'm sure we will get to hear a few covers and songs from his previous albums, but hey, that's just me, "Thinking Out Loud."

Time, Date, Location

Where and how soon, you ask? He will be here before you know it.

Ed Sheeran will actually be spending two nights in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His first show will be at the Minneapolis State Theater on Friday, August 11th, at 7:30 pm.

His second night will be in a bigger venue; he will be performing at the US Bank Stadium Saturday, August 12th, at 6 pm.  And to make it even better? -- He won't be alone.

Yep, Ed is bringing out a special guest. Look for the one and only Khalid to join him at the second show.


You know this guy, right?


Young, Dumb & Broke Location, Lovely, Talk... I could keep listing his smash hits, but you get the idea.


I don't want to stress you out, but if you haven't already, I'd get your tickets ASAP. They're going to go fast, especially as we get closer to the show dates.

Remember: have fun, and be safe.

Thanks for reading.


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