We love to take as many opportunities as we can to pamper ourselves and do a little self care. Get ready, you'll soon have another spot to do just that.

New Nail Salon

There’s a new nail salon opening in Bismarck, so if you love all things glamour, you’re gonna love this.

It was just announced on the businesses Facebook page the exciting news; Soon you get to immerse yourself in a world of beauty and pampering, as a nail salon called Nail Boss announced it will soon be having a soft opening.

The soft opening set for this month, on February 23rd. According to their post, they are holding the soft opening from 1 o’clock to 7 PM. They explained that this is your chance to try out their nail care experience.

They even said the first 50 customers will get an exclusive gift bag and a $25 gift card to treat yourself to more beauty and relaxation in the future.

Where Is It?

Nail Boss will be located at 4228 Boulder Ridge Rd. Suite 2 in Bismarck. This is located right next door to Club Pilates.

The grand opening is set for February 29th. At the grand opening, you will also have your chance to enter to win free deluxe pedicures every month for one year. Umm.. yes, please!

Pamper Yourself

We’re always looking for ways to pamper ourselves and places to do it; if you are set in your ways and love the person you go to, I totally get it. If not, you might want to give Nail Boss in Bismarck a try. 

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