The Twin Cities are about to get invaded by thousands of Taylor Swift fans. You can feel the excitement and suspense.

People are traveling from North Dakota and all over neighboring states to get a chance to see the superstar in action.

There will be two shows; one this Friday, June 23rd, and Saturday, June 24th, at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Most, if not all, of the (approximately) 66,000 seats will be full of cardigan and red lipstick-wearing Swifties.


Are You Ready For It?

The city of Minneapolis prepares. I'm sure Minneapolis bars, hotels, and other business owners are bracing for the influx, but there's something else you might not know.

Excitement isn't the only thing Taylor Swift is bringing to the cities. According to, Taylor Swift will not only be bringing thousands of people to the area, but she will also bring a fleet of semi-trucks.

50 to 90 semi trucks will be taking over the city. That's right, Taylor's tour requires that many trucks to haul all of the equipment needed for the show.


According to the source, the trucks are filled with catwalks, LED screens, costumes, sound equipment, lights, special stages, and a whole lot more.

Just look at this photo from her Chicago stop.

Magic Happening

All these trucks are needed to make the Taylor Swift magic happen.


Get ready for the craziness, and enjoy the show!


The city of Minneapolis posted a bunch of instructions on transportation to and from the show. Take a look at it before you get out there!


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