Anyone who has driven down 94 east and west throughout the street can attest to the fact that North Dakota is a pretty big state. In fact, it's actually bigger than several countries.

Recently, designed their own infographics showing just how many countries could actually fit within the land mass of the state of North Dakota. This, based on the idea of North Dakota being a storage unit of course.

The land mass of North Dakota would fit such countries as Bulgaria, Cambodia, Uruguay, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Greece, Nicaragua, North Korea, Honduras, Guatemala, Iceland, South Korea, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Ireland, each individually, just to name a few. In fact, if you put together one land mass consisting of the Netherlands, Slovakia, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, the entire land mass would fit inside the state of North Dakota.

Generally speaking in terms of area, if North Dakota were a country, it would be the 88th largest country in the world. Think about that next time you're traveling throughout the state.

Source: Inforum