Some state employees are scheduled to receive over a $1,000 year-end bonus. I mean in cash.  Not like coupons or gift certificates but actual stone-cold cash!

Let's you and me get one thing straight- I'm great with this. Good for these folks.

In a world where Christmas Bonuses has become company merch...

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It's refreshing to see cash as a reward for a job well done. Company bean-counters figure "we're rolling in money- so you should too".  Nice!

If you're a Socialist.

You're not a Socialist, are you?  So why should the government/business share their profit/surplus with you?  Because it's the right thing to do. Praise is a real plus. Cash puts gas in the tank. Filling up is expensive.

Look, a thousand dollar bonus from the State of North Dakota or the City of Fargo isn't going to build your family a swimming pool. Concrete is more expensive.

To bonus Fargo workers, the city did come up with nearly half a million dollars!

So for all y'all that haven't seen Christmas Vacation...


Let's review the holiday classic Christmas Vacation movie from the Movie Clips YouTube Channel


You didn't have to've already watched the movie twice this year!

Here are the facts from AP News...Doug's crew gets a bump

The bulk of bonuses paid to employees comes from agencies in the governor’s cabinet, records show. Burgum, who approved $7,100 in bonuses to six of his staffers, defends the program. In a statement, he called the bonuses a “tool authorized by the Legislature to reward performance and help retain team members in a competitive labor market.”

Retaining quality employees is a challenge.  So why not give them a little boost?  In the '90s, I  worked for a company that had a large Christmas business social every year, and every year EVERYONE got name recognized and walked through employee tables to receive their envelope that no doubt included a cash Christmas bonus that was always going to be bigger than the year before. You started out with 10s and 20s and after time we were rewarded with 50s and 100s. But you had to stick around.  It was equitable.

Of course, if you're a Socialist.

KVRR has a story about Fargo Socialists...east coast right?

The City of Fargo has rewarded 967 full and part-time city employees in a big way.

City Commissioners approved “appreciation bonuses” of $1,000 to the workers.

It amounts to $943,250 that comes from a portion of CARES Act funding that was allocated in 2020 and not yet spent.

To me, it makes perfect sense.  Like Clark Griswold (from that movie), some count on the cash at the end of the year. Many others never see any.  If you want more of the are the story links again.  Fargo Bonus and ND State Bonus.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year y'all!

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