Oh, you CAN still rock in America...

The super summer show is coming!  Kat Perkins is coming back to North Dakota!

She's a scrappy tower of talent from Scranton, North Dakota and she's gonna be up on stage with Kid Rock at the North Dakota State Fair!  Or so we'd like to think based on this comment from Kat's Facebook page.

Page poster says..

KP are you gonna come with him to Minot for the fair?

Kat Perkins

yes!!! I’m in the whole tour…
attachment-Kid Rock & Kat Perkins Picture 1-26 screenshot
The "whole tour" is being on the road with Kid Rock. That road travels up to the North Dakota State Fair this Friday night July 22nd.  Kat Perkins has been a performance warrior across the Midwest ever since her big break on the TV singing show The Voice in 2014. Kat was a semi-finalist who had captured many a heart nationwide with her performances.
Although Kat Perkins has been performing on big stages, I'd like to think hitting the main stage alongside another stellar star like Kid Rock is going to be pretty damn satisfying.

She's had great success and probably doesn't need the hometown "atta girl",

I'm going to do it anyway because good for you Kat Perkins!  You earned your place in the spotlight and you'll always have our support.
Let me just add this about Night Ranger.  Jack Blades and crew will be a perfect setup for Kid Rock...as odd as that may seem. We can all rock in America, and this summer, hopefully, we can do it along with a true North Dakota talent.

See ya in the grandstand Kat!

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