Responding to criticism of his handling of a case involving a businessman currently accused of sexual trafficking, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta has tendered his resignation.

The Washington Post reports the secretary resigned Friday, amidst controversy regarding his role as U.S. Attorney over a decade ago in dealing with the case of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire financier accused of sex crimes involving underage girls.

In 2008, Mr. Acosta, in his capacity as a Florida federal prosecutor brokered a deal that allowed Mr. Epstein to plead guilty to lesser offenses.

The old plea deal came under scrutiny this week as Mr. Epstein faced new charges of sexual trafficking.

President Trump spoke high of the outgoing secretary Friday, saying he was a man of "tremendous talent."

The secretary's resignation is set to take place in one week. The president announced deputy secretary Patrick Pizzella would take over the secretary's chair in the interim.


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