There is nothing better than seeing someone from Bismarck/Mandan shine!

Especially when we can all reap her rewards (by putting good food in our stomachs). I love it when someone from our Bismarck/Mandan area is noticed for their talents, and that's exactly what is happening to Stephanie Miller. She is a top-notch chef and owner of a restaurant in Bismarck. Have you ever caught yourself watching someone good at what they do and wish you had half of their ability? Have you ever caught yourself watching a cooking show on television and wished you could perform like that in your very own kitchen?

"Bravo" and good luck on "Top Chef" in March

Stephanie is the owner of the Butterhorn and Shelter Belt over on 210 E Main Ave. According to "Season 19 of the hit TV show “Top Chef” will feature a Bismarck woman. Miller will appear on the next season of the hit cooking show. She will compete against 14 other chefs from around the country" How about that? A rock star chef in our own town on BRAVO.

We're not talking about some random video on TikTok, this is a competition with some serious viewers

Not only will Stephanie have a chance to flex her culinary muscles, but she'll be competing in front of an audience of around 3 million viewers! But wait, here is the best part, reported that "Contestants have the chance to win $250,000 from S. Pelligrino, a feature in Food & Wine magazine an appearance at the Food and Wine Classic in Colorado" Make sure you root her on beginning March 3rd, 7:00 pm.



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