LGBT Pride Month is this weekend in Bismarck.

Dakota Out Right reports the state’s LGBT community has a series of events planned through Sunday, including a drag show, multi-faith religious services and a riverboat cruise.

Matt Liedholm of Dakota Out Right says it's a breakthrough to observe Pride Month on the capitol grounds. "Let's go to the most visible symbol of our community and have it there,” he says. “So that went into our thinking. So much of our fight is in that state Capitol here in North Dakota and so, let's bring our celebration there as well."

Mr. Liedholm also believes state legislators have ramped up anti-LGBTQ rhetoric in recent years, "which he doesn't think matches North Dakotans' welcoming spirit."

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riot in New York, which many call the beginning of the modern LGBT movement.

For the list of events go here.

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