Activists say a house bill introduced in South Dakota last week threatens to turn back the. clock for that state's LGBT community reports the bill, introduced Thursday January 30 by Republican state Rep. Tony Randolph "would outlaw marriage equality, permanently legalize conversion therapy, ban changes to legal gender markers, and block the passage of LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections."

One pro-gay rights attorney describes the ball as one of the most comprehensive efforts of late to roll back civil liberties:

"And it’s not just anti-LGBTQ bills. We’ve got anti-abortion bills, anti sex ed bills, some truly regressive criminal justice bills (the proposed solution to any given problem seems to be 'more prison?'), and lots more."

The bill also would permanently legalizes gay conversion therapy, a practice that mainstream medical officials say carries a high risk of PTSD, suicidal ideations, and other serious mental health issues.

Some critics have described the bill as just so much "red meat" for social conservatives to throw at their constituency. Others are more concerned, calling it a serious step toward rolling back hard-won rights in the LGBT community.

Stay tuned.

[Source: Newnownext]

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