The life of any law enforcement officer in the country is on display and tested constantly

In this day and age of body cams, door cameras, high tech equipment that can pretty much trace every single step a police officer makes on while on duty. Stress definitely seems to be part of the job when it comes to law enforcement no matter where you serve. In Minnesota however, it's getting out of hand

Officers leaving their jobs due to post-traumatic stress disorder

According to "Hundreds of police officers in Minnesota diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder have severed ties with their departments in the last two years, resulting in millions of dollars in payouts through workers' compensation settlements and state disability pensions" It is no secret that the city has been on the spot light for some time now, from George Floyd's death back in May of 2020, to Minnesota Police Officer Kim Potter's fatal mistake shooting death of a suspect back in April of last year ( her trial ended last month, where she was given two years in prison )

Last month another deadly show of force wrapped in controversy

A 22-year-old black man was shot an killed by SWAT officers in an apartment in Minneapolis, this was a no-knock search warrant activated that ended Amir Locke's life. reported "Authorities have released the no-knock search warrants for the raid that led to 22-year-old Amir Locke's killing earlier this month -- and the documents show St. Paul police argued the controversial method was the safest way to execute their search, for both officers and suspects".

This morning announced "Prosecutors declined to file charges against the Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot Amir Locke or any other officers involved..."

Here is the video from that incident:

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