It was great to find out last week that Bismarck has been included in the ridesharing craze. But there are still apps Bismarck lacks.

Admittedly, during the first draft of this article, Lyft or Uber was going to be one of the items on our "Five Apps Bismarck Needs" list.

With Lyft now available in Bismarck, our list is down to four.

  • Seamless or GrubHub

    Not to be confused with Food Dudes which is available in Bismarck, Seamless or GrubHub allow you to order food for delivery.

    Here's the difference. Food Dudes delivers food to you from restaurants that normally would not deliver to you.

    Seamless and GrubHub are the opposite. They team up with places that do deliver. The app allows you to go on, view all the restaurants that offer delivery, and you can order and pay straight from the app.

    Rather than downloading separate restaurant apps (like Dominos) or going to the website of an individual restaurant, you can go right onto Seamless or GrubHub, and see what in theory would be dozens (or even hundreds) of restaurants that deliver and order away.

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  • NoWait

    NoWait partners with local restaurants to allow you to put your name down so that way you don't need to wait as long once you get to the restaurant.

    This is not for making reservations. Some restaurants like Texas Roadhouse already allow you to call ahead and put your name down before you arrive. This app allows you to see a long list of restaurants that also allow you to 'call ahead' but you can put your name down just by using the app.

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  • Instacart

    This is very simple. The app allows you to have local grocery stores deliver your groceries right to your door. Why go to Dan's or Cash Wise, Target, Walmart etc when you can come home from work and have your groceries already there for you?

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  • Urban Wonderer

    This app would need to be renamed for Bismarck because we aren't really 'urban.' Urban Wonderer is an app specific to New York City that offers audio tours right from your phone. You can choose a location and then the app tells you all about the history of it etc.

    Here in Bismarck-Mandan we have a lot of historic sites. This would be beneficial for both locals and those visiting the area.