The website Wallet Hub just released their list of the best capitols to live in for 2017.

The data is based on categories pertaining to housing affordability, poverty levels, health, living standards, education and more.

Below are some of the categories where Bismarck ranked really well among the other state capitols.


  • Housing Affordability

    Wallet Hub ranked Bismarck the fourth best state capitol in terms of housing affordability. Only Springfield, IL, Pierre, SD, and Jefferson City, MO ranked better.

    According to the real estate website Zillow, the media price for houses in Bismarck is $264,100. Though currently, with the houses that are on the market right now, the current median price is a bit higher at $264,900

  • Highest Media Household Income

    This data is adjusted based on the cost of living. If you were to compare just paycheck data, Bismarck would likely not be as high on the list.

    But in Wallet Hub's research, Bismarck came in at number three in terms of median household income.

    Based on Census data from 2015, the media household income in Bismarck is $65,173. That's about $10,000 above the median income for the entire US.

  • Low Poverty Rates

    Wallet Hub has Bismarck as the second lowest poverty rate amongst state capitols behind only Juneau, AK. The U.S. Census Bureau puts the current poverty rate in Bismarck at 9.6%

  • Lowest Crime Rate

    According to Wallet Hub, Bismarck has the lowest crime rate amongst all state capitols.

    According to Area Vibes, the amount of crimes committed in Bismarck is 49% lower than the national average.

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