A Garrison man was arrested and accused of starting several small fires at the Radisson Hotel early Tuesday morning according to KFYR-TV.

Police arrived at the hotel after 3 a.m., Tuesday morning and arrested Nicolas Yellowbird for starting three small fires in the men's restroom.

When police arrived, they did smell burning paper coming from the men's restroom in the lobby of the hotel.

The responding officers were not able to enter the restroom due to the smoke. They made the arrest as Yellowbird came out of the restroom with a lighter in his hand. Yellowbird originally refused to come out of the restroom, but did comply with the officer's demands.

The small fires were contained in the restroom in three areas including the trash can, by the door and in the middle of the restroom floor.

Yellowbird was booked for endangering by fire or explosion.

You just have to wonder, what makes people do the things they do?








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